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  • Wilkinson power divider

    Wilkinson power divider

    Wilkinson power divider is a power divider circuit. When all ports are matched, it can realize isolation between two output ports. Although Wilkinson power divider can be designed to realize any power division (for example, see Pozar [1]), this example will study the cas...
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  • Learn About Passive Components in RF Circuits

    Learn About Passive Components in RF Circuits

    Passive Components in RF Circuits  Resistors, capacitors, Antennas. . . . Learn about passive components used in RF systems. RF systems are not fundamentally different from other types of electric circuits. The same laws of physics apply, and consequently the basic comp...
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  • Multiplexer vs Power Divider

    Both Multiplexers and Power Dividers are helpful devices to expand the number of antennas that can be connected to one reader’s port. One of the main benefits is to reduce the cost of a UHF RFID application by sharing expensive hardware. In this blog post, we explain the...
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  • Passive RF Combiner/Multiplexer

    Passive RF Combiner/Multiplexer

    Combiner/Multiplexer RF Multiplexer or combiner is passive RF / microwave components used for combining microwave signals. In Jingxin category, RF power combiner can be designed and produced in cavity or LC or ceramic version according to its definition. A combiner is to...
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  • Passive RF 3DB 90 °/180 ° hybrid bridge

    Passive RF 3DB 90 °/180 ° hybrid bridge

    3dB Hybrids • For dividing a signal into two signals of equal amplitude and a constant 90° or 180° phase differential. • For quadrature combining or performing summation/differential combining. Introduction Couplers and hybrids are devices i...
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  • Learn About Microwave RF Cavity Duplexer

    Learn About Microwave RF Cavity Duplexer

    Passive RF Cavity Duplexer  What is a Duplexer? A duplexer is a device that allows bi-directional communication over a single channel. In radio communications systems, it isolates the receiver from the transmitter while permitting ...
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  • Learn About RF Microstrip Wilkinson Power Divider

    Learn About RF Microstrip Wilkinson Power Divider

    Wilkinson Power Divider The Wilkinson power divider is a reactive divider that uses two, parallel, uncoupled quarter-wavelength transmission line transformers. The use of transmission lines makes the Wilkinson divider easy to imple...
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  • Learn About Band Pass Filter

    Learn About Band Pass Filter

    Passive Band Pass Filters Passive Band Pass Filters can be made by connecting together a low pass filter with a high pass filter The Passive Band Pass Filter can be used to isolate or filter out certain frequencies that lie within a particular band or range of frequencies. The cut-off frequency ...
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  • Learn About Directional Coupler

    Learn About Directional Coupler

    Directional couplers are an important type of signal processing device. Their basic function is to sample RF signals at a predetermined degree of coupling, with high isolation between the signal ports and the sampled ports — which supports analysis, measurement and processing for many applicatio...
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  • Learn About Band Stop Filter

    Learn About Band Stop Filter

    The Band Stop Filter, (BSF) is another type of frequency selective circuit that functions in exactly the opposite way to the Band Pass Filter we looked at before. The band stop filter, also known as a band reject filter, passes all frequencies with the exception of those within a specified stop ...
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  • Learn About Power Dividers & Combiners

    A power divider divides an incoming signal into two (or more) output signals. In the ideal case, a power divider can be considered loss-less, but in practice there is always some power dissipation. Because it is a reciprocal network, a power combiner can also be used as a power combiner, where t...
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  • Global Band Stop Filter Market Competitive Landscape 2022-2029 | Anatech Electronics, ECHO Microwave, KR Electronics Inc, MCV Microwave

    Detailed analysis of the global Band Stop Filters market provides key insights into changing industry dynamics, value chain analysis, leading investment pockets, competitive scenarios, regional landscape, and key market segments.It also provides extensive examination related to drive and rejectio...
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